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John Fletcher was born but his childhood was spent in Buenos Aires and on his return to the UK he was educated at Welbeck College and R.M.A. Sandhurst.

He was commissioned by the Royal Corps of Signals in 1972 and served worldwide, including three operational tours. John retired from the regular army in 1982.

He settled in London, working in private security, and joined the T.A. in the parachute squadron of 39 (City of London) Signal Regiment.

John is a qualified B.S.A.C. scuba instructor and has completed over 1000 dives.

Venue and time for this event to be decided.

Event Date Tuesday, 09 February 2016
The speaker is Andrew Walker. He is a writer, a self confessed "successful tech entrepreneur" and involved in some really interesting projects, from helping companies raise crowdfunding to exploring new kinds of economics and alternative business models for online TV show Renegade Economist. 
Andrew is also an ex-CEO, ex-CIO, ex-MD, ex-CD, ex-designer, ex-games developer... with 20 years in digital tech. I've co-founded three companies, worked at seven. Apart from his own tech companies he's worked with magazines, newspapers, ad agencies... even branded social media channels. Digital, writing, comms, product development, strategy, design, data mining... professional geek stuff.
He talks and writes about future technology, economic trends, the environment and digital culture. His first book is called "Screwproof" about practical thinking tools to help people avoid bad business decision making. In an interview recently they said he was "writing about the applications of cognitive theory to everyday life" which basically sums up business and tech start-ups perfectly.
Event Date Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nick Hungerford CEO Nutmeg.

Event Date Tuesday, 01 December 2015
Tony Hetherington is an investigative journalist specialising in fraud. He writes regularly for the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday  and other national publications. He is very much a 'people's champion' exposing what is wrong in financial services. Currently the City of London Wealth management Awards Financial Jounalist of the Year. Previously, Tony was a member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, a statutory body advising the Board of the FSA. This specialist role related to financial crime, intelligence gathering and analysis, and enforcement.
Event Date Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Aquis Exchange is a pan-European is a multilateral trading facility (MTF) regulated by the UK FCA. It was established in October 2012 and launched in November 2013. Aquis Exchange operates a subscription based cash equities trading platform and develops exchange software. Aquis Exchange is set to revolutionize the European trading landscape

Event Date Tuesday, 20 October 2015