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Event Date Tuesday, 01 December 2020

The SIMA Annual General Meeting will be held online, on Tuesday 20th October, commencing at 17:45 for the AGM, to be followed by a presentation from the journalist Rebecca Seal.

Rebecca Seal is a former assistant editor at The Observer Food Monthly and Observer Woman and is an award-winning food, drink, lifestyle and personal development writer.

Rebecca's work is of particular interest now in these challenging times. In an attempt to help other solo-workers navigate, survive and thrive in this strange world of working alone, she has recently published her book Solo: How To Work Alone (And Not Lose Your Mind). It is said to be a thoroughly researched, evidence-based book, pulling on behavioural science, organisation psychology and economics.

Rebecca’s journalism is published worldwide and she regularly appears on UK television and radio, as well as podcasts and in short documentary films.

Event Date Tuesday, 20 October 2020